School Accreditation


Beautiful Saviour has a strong desire to provide an excellent education to our students and share God’s Word with the next generation.  With that in mind, Beautiful Saviour Lutheran School decided in 2014 that it would pursue accreditation through the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran School Accreditation. WELS School Accreditation (WELSSA) evaluates a school’s ministry based on Scripture and sound educational principles.  While WELSSA is a synod accreditation, it is also recognized nationally as part of the National Council for Private School Accreditation as well as many smaller private accreditation agencies and state accreditation agencies. Schools are evaluated on 15 different standards. The standards center around the core mission of all WELS schools –to share God’s Word.  Schools compare the quality of their programs against nationally recognized standards through a self-study process.  Both strengths and weaknesses are evaluated, and after an onsite visit by a team of educators, the school develops a school improvement plan to maintain strengths and improve weaknesses that correlates with the five-year accreditation cycle.

After completing the required self-study, Beautiful Saviour hosted an onsite visitation team in 2016.  After completing a few final details, Beautiful Saviour has been awarded full accreditation for the 2017-18 school year.   As a fully accredited school, parents can be certain that the education offered at Beautiful Saviour is of the highest value, and its faculty is committed to assisting parents by providing excellent academic, social, and spiritual training to their children.