One of the 72


The Story

A few centuries before Jesus was born, the Jews in Israel had lost something precious to them: their language. A shifting world around them and decades in exile changed their culture. No longer did they speak Hebrew. They spoke Greek in the markets and Aramaic in the homes. How were they then to understand the Scriptures which were still written in the language of their ancestors?
And so, the story goes that 72 Israelite men banded together. Over 72 days, these men translated the Hebrew Old Testament into Greek. Once again, God’s chosen people were blessed with a clear understanding of his Word. Their translation is known as the Septuagint (which means, 70). Think of what would have been lost had not 72 men preserved what was precious to their faith! It is even likely that Jesus and his apostles were familiar with and quoted from this important Bible translation.
Those 72 men preserved their heritage so that the next generation would have God’s Word. Now, you have that chance, too. Beautiful Saviour is looking for 72 people to band together and preserve God’s Word for the next generation. 72 people once changed the world with their work. 72 people can do the same today.

The Impact

“Beautiful Saviour has been such a blessing to our children. We love the fact that the Bible is taught daily within the curriculum that the students learn. Not only are their academic needs being met, but also their spiritual needs as well.” –Corey and Hope Love
“If I would give my grandson’s a fortune and send them to the most expensive schools in the country but neglect to bring them to Christ, I would have done them eternal harm. With the help of Beautiful Saviour Lutheran Church and School, they will forever have the Word of God in their hearts and the assurance of Jesus’ love as they progress through the years. They open the day and end the day with Jesus’ promise of the forgiveness of sins in their ears. There is no greater gift I could give them! I am eternally grateful for the congregation’s support in helping us raise these boys with the love of Christ and the certain hope of heaven planted deep in their hearts.” –Vic Knauth

The Opportunity

We thank you for all that you have done for Beautiful Saviour in the past—from prayers to gifts to donations. Now, we ask, Are YOU “ONE of the 72?” Will you be one of the 72 that will make a regular monthly gift for an eternal investment? All it takes is a simple auto withdrawal gift each month.
Your gift will enable us to better plan for the future for:
  • Faculty and Staff additions
  • Tuition Assistance
  • Facility expansion
  • Technology in the classroom
  • Curriculum updates
  • And so much more
You can help us pass on our great heritage to the next generation. We are looking for at least 72 people to join in the support of the mission of Beautiful Saviour Lutheran School. With your help, stories of families benefitting immensely from Christian education will multiply in homes all over our community. With your help, we can bring the Gospel to children and their families.
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