Multigrade Classroom


Beautiful Saviour utilizes multigrade classrooms, meaning most of our classrooms house more than one grade level.  The exception is our 4K classroom.  We believe that there are many benefits to the multigrade classroom approach, such as these listed below:

  • Creates  a diverse yet balanced grouping of students of mixed ages and differing abilities
  • Helps raise students’ social and emotional skills
  • Student disobedience is considerably less in a multigrade classroom than in a single-age classroom
  • Because of higher rates of language exchange in a multigrade classroom, students have higher language development
  • Significant gains in reading and language skills
  • Children in multigrade classrooms achieve a higher cognitive developmental level at a faster rate than children in a single-age classroom
  • Creates a caring environment because it encourages older students to serve as role models or mentors to help the younger children
  • Teachers become more familiar with the students and their families, resulting in a strong sense of continuity
  • Better parent-teacher relationships and increased parental involvement
  • Improves student attitudes toward school and school work

We believe that multigrade classrooms provide our students many benefits.  These classrooms help to create a very warm and caring atmosphere in our school, and they allow students to show their love for Jesus by showing love to those around them.