Pastor’ Corner

Dear Friends in Christ at Beautiful Saviour:

There so much to report on, that I’ll just get right at it.

We are now in the Advent season.  A beautiful season set in contrast to the holiday preparations and commotion of December.  We offer midweek worship services – tomorrow December 6th and also December 13th, both at 2:15 pm and 7:00 pm.  The services will focus on two Old Testament prophecies: Isaiah’s prophecy about the “righteous Branch” that would sprout from David’s line, and Micah’s prophecy about the birthplace of our Savior, the little town of Bethlehem.  Join us!

Speaking of Advent – there was around 80 women who attended the Advent by Candlelight last Sunday afternoon!  That included friends and relatives of our church members as well as school parents.  Everyone remarked how enjoyable it was and said it was an excellent event, well-organized and carried out.  What a great afternoon of fellowship, outreach, assimilation, and most of all – the Good News of our coming Savior, Jesus!

Speaking of great things to give thanks for – did you know that there are now 16 children enrolled in our 4K program!  And that there were 9 moms and 13 children at Cross Connections today!  The Lord has certainly blessed us with successful early childhood programs.  And most of the enrollment is coming through word of mouth – so we must have a good reputation.  Best of all – many of these parents do not have a church and have begun to show an interest in ours.  Praise be to God for blessings that exceed our dreams.  After all – we started 4K just last year with only 3 children!

What can you do except throw up your hands and thank God for bringing people to faith by bringing them into contact with his powerful Word.  The last two weeks and this coming Sunday we will have received 7 adults into membership through adult confirmation, and baptized 5 children!  All of these new members are from our early childhood programs, our school, or members inviting their friends.  Our ministry plan is working.  To God be all the glory.  Successful ministry with visible fruit is truly a gift of God’s grace!

Shifting gears – but not really – God in his grace appears ready to receive Sam Eisenbraun into his heavenly mansions.  Sam is in hospice care and may be breathing his last breaths on earth.  While its sad for the family and his friends – its truly is what we all hope and pray for – eternal rest for our souls.  Life forever in heaven.  Its why we preach and teach the Gospel.  Sam regularly heard God’s saving Word.  He knows his Savior.  He knows the Way to Life Eternal through the risen Jesus.  May God be with Pat and the family during these difficult days.

Back to reaching more and more with the Gospel, so that more and more in our community know Jesus as their eternal Savior – this Saturday, December 9th, we are hosting our Christmas for Kids event, from 9 am – 12 noon.  We are thankful for so many who have volunteered to help with this day.  One way you can help is by passing the invite along to all your friends.  Find the event on our Beautiful Saviour Lutheran Church Facebook page – and then share it with all your friends.  Or direct people to our website.   Or send them an email.  Or, call them on the phone.  Or how about this – talk to them about it!  Thanks for spreading the news.

Right about now you may be wondering – what’s going to happen if we keep growing?  I’m glad you asked.  We’ve been doing a lot of research and planning and are ready to share “The Plan” with the entire congregation on Sunday, January 7th, in between the two worship services, in the fellowship hall (approximately 9:30 am).  I urge ALL of you to be there to hear what’s happening and going to happen – subject to God’s will and blessing, of course.  It’s a ministry plan – an expansion plan – and a facility and grounds plan.  It’s not set in stone – we know we need to be flexible.  But we do have to see where we think God is leading us and come up with some sort of outline.  Make it a point to be there for The Big Reveal!

Here’s another thing that you may not yet have heard about.  On Sunday, January 28th we are going to have Mr. Mark Hayes, Vice-
President of Mission Advancement for The Lutheran Home Association (TLHA) visit us and make an presentation.  Mark is a friend of mine who used to be a pastor in Pueblo, CO and is now working for TLHA, which is a WELS non-profit that reaches out to seniors and the developmentally disabled.  He’ll give a mini- estate planning seminar, and will stick around for a week and meet with interested individuals to help ensure that your individual estate plans are up to date and consistent with your Will or Living Trust, make sure you Incorporate tax law changes, and allow you to remember our congregation’s ministry as well as other ministries and charities of your choosing. His services are free.  I’ll send more information along early in January.  And then we’ll start making appointments.
Pastor Wayne Uhlhorn